Board of Directors

Fredrik Olsson

Fredrik Olsson is Chairman of the Board and together with Niklas Beckvid the majority owner.

Fredrik has an industrial background within manufacturing and a consulting background within supply chain, management and finance. He has hands-on experience managing fast growing companies both listed and privately held.

Niklas Beckvid

Niklas Beckvid represents the majority owner together with Fredrik Olsson.

Niklas has an investment background from the areas of telecommunications, ISP and datacenter operations. His role in PipeChain includes project management and supporting the overall corporate strategy, positioning, business growth, finance and development.

Per Grettve

Per Grettve

Per Grettve is a serial entrepreneur, innovator and a thought leader in the area of supply chain automation and management. Per is the Chairman and CEO of MA-system as well as the founder of PipeChain.

Per’s career spans over decades of entrepreneurship, innovation and creation of software and hardware solutions for various industries such as transportation, automotive, packaging, helping to transform many global companies into more efficient demand based supply chains.

Hans Berggren

Hans Berggren has been the CEO of PipeChain Group AB since 2008 responsible for the overall corporate strategy, positioning, business growth, finance and development.

Hans brings over 25 years of experience in developing and marketing innovative supply chain management software solutions, leadership, private equity investment management, corporate finance, strategic business development and financial planning.

Robert Jansson

Robert Jansson

Robert Jansson has been the Director of PipeChain SCM business unit since 2010, overseeing account management, business growth, product development and delivery & support.

Robert brings over 25 years of experience in leading and developing companies in the area of Warehouse Management Systems, pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, logistics in the beverage manufacturing. Robert has an extensive experience in executive leadership of companies in the supply chain marketplace.