PipeChain® is a cloud-based IT system that provides a complete picture of the supply chain and draws attention to delivery problems. The service streamlines the forecasting, ordering and delivery processes. By  giving customers and suppliers access to the same KPIs, it is also easy to discuss improvements and deepen cooperation.


To help you quickly start improving the supply chain, we have developed an Easy-In® concept that means:

  • A rapidly installed and secure connection to your corporate ERP system.
  • Progressive improvements in the supply chain which allow you to quickly get started, and achieve results instantly.
  • A standardized project model with support from expert consultants.

Graphical user interface - Registered trademarks

The PipeChain® software ensures you, your customers, and your suppliers have the same data, the same screens, the same processes, the same alerts, and the same key performance indicators, regardless of ERP and operating systems. The application interface is based on intuitive color-coded and trademark protected symbols.

All trading partners having access to the PipeChain® software can monitor and follow-up based on drill-down functionality and analytical tools.


PipeChain® Duration Meter® and Marketmeter®

PipeChain® Duration Meter® with symbols and color codes enables users to quickly understand the whole process. The system monitors the current status and indicates any deviations from agreed conditions concerning demand, order/replenishment, invoicing, deliveries and stock levels.

Screendump PipeChain

PipeChain® Marketmeter®

PipeChain® Marketmeter® enables users to have an instant summary of the whole downstream demand for the same product for all their customers and customer’s customers. The system compares current total fill rate in the flow to a preferred level. Deviations and actual values are indicated in PipeChain® Marketmeter®. 

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