Building & Construction

The building and construction industry is characterized by a low level of industrialization and a low maturity regarding IT solutions and automation of processes. Both the planning and supply chain process is extremely important for projects to be delivered on time and at planned cost. PipeChain’s cloud-based solutions offer both construction companies and their suppliers a way to collaborate efficiently via EDI and gain end-to-end visibility. 

In this industry using efficient planning and supply tools for goods, equipment, transport and resources becomes a decisive competitive factor. Especially as production takes place in projects and on various sites with a greater degree of unpredictability than is normal in other industries. Using PipeChain’s cloud-based solutions, both construction companies and their suppliers can quickly streamline the planning and supply process. Delivery schedules can be quickly and easily updated and sent to providers, who can confirm and announce deliveries, administer transport and label goods with the correct destination data for efficient goods receiving at the project site.

Building site logistics can be considerably improved with on-time deliveries and correct goods labeling. Cost control can be made more efficient by collecting all the information on deliveries including documents and invoices in one system. This automates a significant part of the administration and frees up time for better planning, giving suppliers the ability to be proactive in their planning and provide better service at lower costs to their customers.

PipeChain's cloud-based, flexible services focus on the entire supply chain end-to-end covering visibility, collaboration and automation.

Our Easy-In® methodology makes it easy to connect both customers and suppliers in the supply chain end-to-end.

We take care of all the monitoring and support related to our cloud services. You always pay a predictable and fixed monthly fee, according to the services used.

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