Consumer Goods & Packaging

Major suppliers are spread across the world therefore making well-defined processes for collaboration in the supply chain an absolute must for the consumer goods industry. Customer’s market awareness is high regarding the environment and e-commerce which contributes to changes in demand. It is important to continuously develop and constantly increase collaboration and end-to-end visibility with customers and suppliers.

The supply chain is becoming increasingly integrated. The way to success is to gain control over the flow of goods, which is where PipeChain’s cloud-based solutions help.

As consumers become more informed, their demand for high service levels and lower cost of goods further increases the requirements for e-commerce efficiencies; companies need to expand their network by increasing collaboration with their suppliers while all parties have full visibility throughout the supply chain. You need quick response times to respond to fluctuations in demand, agile production and distribution to strengthen your strategic position. This simultaneously results in improved delivery capacity and reduced costs.

PipeChain's cloud-based, flexible services focus on the entire supply chain end-to-end covering visibility, collaboration and automation. PipeChain supports both forecasting based on real data from customers and the ability to give suppliers increased responsibility to replenish customer inventories (VMI) based on real demand.

Add automation and monitoring of the whole order process via EDI - PipeChain TCS™ - and Web you increase the likelihood of a wider connection to existing business partners thus enabling continuous improvement.

This results in higher delivery capacity at lower costs.

Our Easy-In® methodology makes it easy to connect both customers and suppliers in the supply chain end-to-end.

We take care of all the monitoring and support related to our cloud services. You always pay a predictable and fixed monthly fee, according  to the services used.

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