Most supply chains in the healthcare industry are inefficient and fragmented. Using PipeChain’s cloud-based services help you focus on what is important in the supply chain. Our collaborative services provide you with end-to-end supply chain visibility and can be quickly and flexibly set up and adapted to the healthcare industry requirements.

Suppliers to the healthcare industry face a growing demand for direct deliveries tailored to real demand. This minimizes stock levels and administrative work. Often, customers lack maturity for the necessary systems and processes that support these requirements.

PipeChain's cloud-based, flexible services focus on the entire supply chain end-to-end covering visibility, collaboration and automation. The system makes the needs of customers and end users visible by using actual data from customers and sharing it with suppliers. This result in getting the support they need to take greater responsibility for inventory replenishment based on real demand.

The solution provides customers and vendors with the opportunity to automate and monitor the whole order process via EDI - PipeChain TCS™ - and Web, which means that you can control and further improve flow of goods.

Our Easy-In® methodology makes it easy to connect both customers and suppliers in the supply chain end-to-end.

We take care of all the monitoring and support related to our cloud services. You always pay a predictable and fixed monthly fee, according to the services used.

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