Automation via EDI and Web

An effective supply chain consists of many companies with different ERP systems that agree on a common set of business flows with the ability to exchange relevant information across the network. These business flows must be tightly linked together to a point where all parties within the supply chain can quickly identify issues. Regardless of the ERP systems, PipeChain provides a unique way to quickly link the supply chain between many parties by using our cloud-based services for system integration and order management via EDI or the Web.

This tight integration provide you with the ability to automate the order management and status in real time to assure a rapid and secure flow of supply, resulting in a lower cost of inventory. The net result is guaranteed on-time delivery of goods and services to the end customer, further increasing customer satisfaction and retention. The key is to efficiently exchange information between business partners. Our wide support for automation via EDI and the Web makes it possible to maximize electronic management of business flows between business partners, and within the organization itself.

Automating the order process eliminates manual errors, making the work process more efficient while shortening lead times.

Using our cloud-based services for system integration via EDI, PipeChain TCS™, and order management via the Web offers you a predictable and fixed monthly fee, in accordance with the services used.

Our solutions are flexible and easily integrate with most ERP systems. They support global industry standards, and can be easily adapted to specific requirements. PipeChain delivers efficient supply chain processes and not just the technology.

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