supply chain collaboration

Collaboration throughout the supply chain

Efficient collaboration between the parties in the supply chain is the key to fast, flexible and digital business flows. This level of collaboration is more than simply exchanging information. The information exchange among parties must be linked to an agreed set of processes that includes alarms to quickly identify problems and effective procedures for how to resolve them.

Collaboration processes between customer and supplier include:

  • Automatic sharing of forecast and order alerts in case of deviations, and processes for confirmation and changes.
  • Monitoring of the entire delivery process all the way to invoice level, including alerts for deviations.
  • Ability to share drawings and documents including verification processes.
  • Functionality that supports suppliers with packing instructions and the ability to print labels and documents.
  • Routines for sharing stock balances and production plans.
  • Productivity improvement plans based on common KPIs among parties.

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