Why PipeChain?

PipeChain® is optimized to rapidly increase the level of service to your customers, while decreasing costs.

Our solutions include everything you need to take control of the entire supply chain. It's easy to get started and you can introduce improvements in stages.

A solution for every ERP

PipeChain's cloud-based solutions are built to integrate with all ERP systems, which is necessary when a supply chain consists of many companies with different ERP applications. PipeChain® is a proven system that is used in many different industries.

The fact that PipeChain® is a cloud-based service gives you ongoing access to innovative new features that make the supply chain even stronger.

PipeChain has an Easy-in® methodology that makes it easy to get started and requires no lengthy training.

The complete supply chain in focus

PipeChain® gives you an overview of the entire supply chain from customers to suppliers. The system provides a complete picture of all the pertinent business flows making future delivery problems visible in time so that they can be remedied, giving you full control over your operation.


Partnering with PipeChain gives you access to well-trained and educated personnel, mostly from the Faculty of Engineering in Lund or other Swedish universities. Many of our employees have been with us many years and know what it takes to increase customer profitability and strengthen your competitiveness.

PipeChain’s consultants are specialists in supply chain and systems integration. They possess the ability to see and understand where the problems are, and the knowledge and experience to solve them. It’s about putting theories into practice and focusing on what's important.

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