Future supply chains will be data-driven

Today, top management teams are talking about digitalization of supply chains end-to-end, using old as well as new technology and methodology like Internet of Things (IoT), big data technology and industry/process standardization and automation. It is all about getting the supply chain connected.

Most companies are mature enough in their supply planning to address this challenge, and yet we can see many companies still focused on big ERP projects and prioritizing “within their four walls” improvement projects. Moreover, the vast majority of enterprise systems are still organized around optimizing its own operations and the goods and services it provides, instead of the constituencies it serves and the problems it solves (i.e. true drivers of demand).

The future supply chains will be data driven, driven by the fact that they are connected. The more data that becomes available, and the more processes that becomes digital, the more data can be shared and the more knowledge will be created. Knowledge in terms of understanding e.g. customer and supplier performance, consumption trends, geographical changes, short and long term needs and risks.

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