How to succeed in digitalizing supply chains and satisfying your customers

Customer satisfaction requires maintaining and increasing high service levels. To do that, you need access to relevant supply chain data to measure, understand and improve. To get hold of relevant data, you have to be electronically connected to your business partners. A high level of connectivity opens up the possibilities of measuring and improving your processes in the supply chain. This is a hidden source of better supply chain performance and differentiation.

Supply chain digitalization should be a high-profile initiative within your company. Top leadership will play an integral role in the success of the supply chain digitalization, which is becoming an enterprise-wide transformation. At this level, the support from the very top, including the CEO, is invaluable.

Technology – Just One Part of the Equation

Usually, a lot of focus is spent on technology as the enabler of connecting supply chains. Long-term, technology will probably play an important role in creating speed of digitalization. However, a much faster path in current market situation, given current ERP system environment and other preconditions and challenges, should be built on the following critical success factors:

Source: PipeChain Group AB

When all four of these critical factors are in place, the probability of success is very high.

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