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Industry Experience

Each industry has its own specific supply chain requirements. Many global companies have already chosen PipeChain’s solutions for their differentiated and competitive supply chains. PipeChain’s cloud-based flexible services make a difference; automation, visibility, collaboration and performance solutions for the supply chain regardless of the industry.

Increased consolidation and internationalization have led to more geographically dispersed supply chains. They are often complex and bind a lot of capital. Market research shows that companies that collaborate with their business partners effectively and efficiently gain the most of their supply chains. The higher the number of subscribers is, the higher the value of the overall network.

PipeChain's cloud-based services can be set up and combined in a way that suits each company and their sector's specific needs. The solution can then be used by business partners in the supply chain to achieve visibility, a high degree of collaboration and automation. Examples of industries where PipeChain has created substantial added value are Automotive, Consumer goods & Packaging, Healthcare, Industrial Applications & Electronics and Building & Construction.

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