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PipeChain signs add-on agreement with large customer within the CPG Industry.

The new agreement includes further functionality within the supplier collaboration and integration area, for instance packing and labeling of goods at suppliers and integrated TMS-functionality with transport booking and traceability of goods.
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PipeChain signs Healthcare deal in the US

PipeChain signs a strategically important Healthcare deal in the US.
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New deal with customer within CPG industry

Large customer within the consumer packaged goods industry signs new agreement with PipeChain.
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New customer within the Automotive industry

Big international customer within the Automotive industry signs new agreement with PipeChain.
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Netonnet Group, a leading company in consumer electronics in the Nordics, is expanding its usage of PipeChain’s cloud-based EDI services to run more suppliers fully automated.

PipeChain delivers a cloud-based EDI solution, PipeChain TCS™, for fast, efficient and secure digitalization of the supplier order-to-invoice process.
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Over 150 global partners related to the automotive industry in PipeChain’s network. Isn’t it time you connected to them more efficiently?

Now you can easily reach the major OEMs and Tier 1 players in the global automotive industry. There are over 150 global partners connected to PipeChain TCS™ for Automotive, PipeChain’s cloud based integration network.
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A great year ahead, when trends turn into reality

Last year we were quite excited about the fact that several trends that we’ve heard about in supply chain management for years, were actually turning into reality. This year, we can conclude that digitalization of supply chains, the practical use of Internet-of-Things (IoT), robotization of many manufacturing processes and, not least, the focus on these areas by top management are strengthening the process of change further. But the change is slow, and there are some critical pre-requisites that need to be fulfilled before we can see the full effect of the shift.
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Digitalization of Supply Chains – How to get More Value out of your Supply Chain

Today, top management teams are talking about the digitalization of supply chains end-to-end, using old as well as new technology and methodology like Internet of Things (IoT), big data technology and industry/process standardization and automation. It’s to a large extent about a skill shift, again, and this time from innovation economy to digitalization. The ongoing re-conceptualization of supply chains will open up for concepts like Industry 4.0 and Seamless Supply Chains.
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Weland Group digitizes their Supply Chain with PipeChain TCS™

To strengthen their competitiveness and to future-proof their IT infrastructure, Weland group will replace their local EDI setup with PipeChains Cloud based EDI service TCS™. The first step in the project will focus on migrating the existing flows from the local installation up to the cloud and in to PipeChain TCS™ where communication, protocol switching and conversion are done. After the first step is finalized considerably more of Weland Groups business flows will be digitalized and added within TCS™.
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Gnotec digitalizes their business process to suppliers with help from PipeChain

In 2016 Gnotec AB signed an agreement on a supplier portal via PipeChain cloud-based service TCS™ and currently suppliers are connected to Gnotec’s sites in Sweden, Slovakia and China.
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