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Easy in PipeChain

Are you stuck with a complex ERP system?

Today's ERP systems are complex and focus on internal needs of an organization, they simply lack the features required that simplify processes between customers and suppliers. It often means that supply chain projects beyond a company’s own boundaries become cumbersome and resource intensive. There are few that have the knowledge and experience to design end-to-end solutions covering Automation, Visibility, Collaboration and Performance.

A supply chain consists of many companies with different ERP systems, which is why you should use a tool especially suited for the purpose. PipeChain® is a cloud-based service that is built to inter-connect any ERP system. A simple connection to the Internet provides access to the system and ongoing access to innovative new features that make your supply chain even stronger. The solution is maintenance free and charged as a monthly fee.

PipeChain has the experience and knowledge to design and implement the best solution for your very specific requirements. The flexibility, together with rapid implementation makes it easy for any organization to get started.

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