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Easy-to-use supply chain network applications. A pay-as-you-go principle. A knowledgeable partner that is by your side all the way. These are some of the key benefits you receive when choosing us at PipeChain.

5 times higher digitalization ratio than average market

Using PipeChain’s cloud-based Network platform makes it easy to digitally integrate your processes with all your critical business partners, ahead of your competitors.

Strengthened customer relationships

Becoming part of PipeChain’s digital Network community, give you an opportunity to strengthen your business relationships and increase sales.

What we do know

PipeChain is a knowledge-based digital business Network for your automation, collaboration and cost efficient sales growth. Choosing PipeChain as your digitalization partner for customers requiring EDI and more, will make it easy for both you and your customers to improve your business.


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Keep your customers happy

Use PipeChain’s Network service as a power for you to happily say YES to your customers’ wish for increased digitalization.

EDI made easy!

Becoming part of PipeChain’s global Network community, easily give you digital access to business relationships in both a collaborative and technological sense.

Only pay for what you use

When becoming part of PipeChain’s vast digital business Network you only pay for what you use. Typically, you start small and grow, as does your business value from increased digitalization.

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