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Keep up with Pipechain

19 April 2021

31 March 2021

Inbound Supply Chain Process at ikea industry with pipechain and movex/m3

22 March 2021

Asian Automotive OEM signed up to PipeChain’s Collaborative Planning & Replenishment software

PipeChain’s Automotive Network

11 February 2021

Global Tier 1 Company signed up to PipeChain’s Multi-Enterprise Automotive Network

27 January 2021

Where is the rush for digital transformation?

20 January 2021

PipeChain’s PEPPOL-based flows increase, in its cloud-based Multi-Enterprise Retail Network

12 January 2021

PipeChain extends its cloud-based Multi-Enterprise Retail Network with new customers

11 January 2021

Are Distributors the new driving force of supply chain?

Epiroc and PipeChain webinar

14 December 2020

Movex/M3 Webinar with PipeChain and Epiroc

Digital transformation

2 November 2020

Digital transformation in the Supply Chain

23 October 2020

Supply Chains Under Pressure

Hyperautomation in supply chain

8 October 2020

Hyperautomation in Supply Chains

31 August 2020

PipeChain and Boxon establish a common cloud-service for product labelling

21 August 2020

What is Full Inbound Control?

30 June 2020

PipeChain signs deal with AC Floby

30 June 2020

PipeChain Now Offers PEPPOL

29 June 2020

Veoneer Chooses PipeChain

27 June 2020

Supply Chain Stability In a Crisis

19 May 2020

PipeChain going to America

1 April 2020

The Call For Transparency In A World Of Digital Supply Chains

3 March 2020

Information about preventive actions concerning the Covid-19 situation


3 March 2020

Corporate Culture Can Make Or Break Change

12 February 2020

The Flexible Supply Chain

4 February 2020

Cloud-based solutions with AQ group

Reaching Spread

9 December 2019

Succeeding in digitalization through spread

Cars in a tunnel

11 October 2019

Reinventing the automotive industry


16 August 2019

Making Supply Chain Collaboration a Reality

Leaders & Laggards

7 August 2019

Leaders and Laggards in Supply Chain and Operations

Computer graph

22 May 2019

Hierarchical supply chain planning

CPG shopping

8 April 2019

CPG’s preparing for the future

CPG change

25 March 2019

CPG’s – It’s time to act!

Supply Chain CEO

8 January 2019

The new CEO

New technology in supply chain

20 November 2018

The new in the digital supply chain

Automotive oppurtunities

18 September 2018

New opportunities for analytics in the automotive industry

Automotive production

20 August 2018

Growth through the future automotive workforce

Data and connectivity in supply chain

13 August 2018

Data analytics and the future of supply chain

Sustainable construction

9 July 2018

The sustainable construction industry

Sustainable supply chain

3 July 2018

Creating a sustainable supply chain

Digital transformation

30 May 2018

Saving Money in The Construction Industry by digitalization

Digitalization - where we go wrong

15 May 2018

Digitalization – Where we go wrong

15 May 2018

LINAK A/S implements PipeChain for Supply Chain collaboration and digitalization

Predictive analysis

3 May 2018

Predictive Analytics will Improve the Supply Chain

Digital potential

1 March 2018

Companies fail in unlocking the full value and potential of becoming digital

linear supply chain

6 February 2018

The Era of Linear Supply Chains May Soon Be Over

Companies' usage of Blockchain

10 January 2018

Companies’ usage of Blockchain

Automotive Industry's Digital Maturity and Reinvention

27 November 2017

Automotive Industry’s Digital Maturity and Reinvention

Supply Chain Performance

9 November 2017

Supply Chain Performance & Cost-to-Serve – Seeing the Bigger Picture

Supply chain control for CFO

9 November 2017

Supply chain control for CFO’s – Remember the Du Pont model?

efficiency and automation

22 October 2017

How to Control Your Construction Business

Supply chain digitalization

10 October 2017

Supply chain digitalization should be a high-profile initiative

B2C vs B2B

29 September 2017

B2C vs B2B – Human beings are decision makers in both cases


22 September 2017

Supply Chain Leaders & Blockchain

Supply Chain Connectivity

24 August 2017

Supply Chain Connectivity and Hidden Sources of Better Performance

blockchain and supply chain

2 August 2017

Blockchain for Supply Chains?

supply chain visibility

31 July 2017

The elephant in the room is interoperability

Datadriven Supply Chains

13 June 2017

How to Reach Datadriven Supply Chains

7 June 2017

PipeChain launches network database for Automotive and Industrial comp

The future of Supply Chains

26 May 2017

Future Supply Chains will be Datadriven – Driven by the Fact that they are Connected

the new systems focus

18 May 2017

Demand chain will be the new systems focus

Digital Automotive Supply Chain

15 May 2017

Transforming the Digital Automotive Supply Chain

digital supply chain management

4 May 2017

The Evolution of the Digital Supply Chain

Supply Chain 4.0

25 April 2017

Supply Chain 4.0 in Consumer Goods

Digital Economy

20 April 2017

The Power in the Digital Economy

cloud-based software

12 April 2017

Sales Motions, Supply Chain Trends & Top Executives’ Focus

Digital Automotive Supply Chain

11 April 2017

How to Reach Maximum Supply Chain Connectivity & Proactive Mode

The Network Effect

7 April 2017

The “gorilla’s” version of The Network Effect. Won’t work in the long run

Artificial intelligence

2 April 2017

AI for Supply Chains is for Real

Smart Supply Chain

29 March 2017

The Smart Supply Chain

Collaboration via EDI

22 March 2017

Collaboration via EDI at a Crossroad


20 March 2017

Supply Chains turn Digital – B2B lags behind – Great Opportunities

Cloud Shift

19 March 2017

The Cloud Shift is aggressive – Opens up great opportunities

visibility and digitalization

19 March 2017

Trust in supply chain collaboration, visibility and digitalization is crucial. Can Blockchain play a role?

succeed in supply chain digitalization

17 March 2017

Cultural shift to succeed in supply chain digitalization

7 March 2017

PipeChain signs add-on agreement with large customer within the CPG In

top performing supply chains

6 March 2017

Now you can get full visibility on your order and transport process

mainstream digitalization

6 March 2017

Digitalization inches towards the mainstream

Digital Healthcare Supply Chains

3 March 2017

Digital Healthcare Supply Chains in the US

top performing supply chains

3 March 2017

The CPG industry is a front-runner for top performing supply chains

10 February 2017

New deal with customer within CPG industry

19 December 2016

Digitalization of Supply Chains – How to get More Value out of your Su

16 December 2016

Weland Group digitizes their Supply Chain with PipeChain TCS™

9 December 2016

Gnotec digitalizes their business process to suppliers with help from

29 November 2016

PipeChain signs Automotive Tier 1 deal covering global end-to-end digi

6 September 2016

Netonnet Group, a leading company in consumer electronics in the Nordi

26 August 2016

Seamless Supply Chains – Will they exist?

1 June 2016

EDI and Business Integration in the Cloud

16 May 2016

Over 100 global partners related to the automotive industry in PipeCha

22 April 2016

Sign up for PipeChain Customer Day at IKEA Industry Poland on May 19!

5 April 2016

Unifaun and PipeChain connect order and transport management in a uniq

7 December 2015

Supply Chain trends 2016

7 December 2015

TCS™ Monitor – Free trial

2 December 2015

Sigma Technology has started a cooperation with PipeChain

26 October 2015

PipeChain and IFS sign partner agreement for Supply Chain Collaboratio

21 September 2015

PipeChain is strengthening its position in the Building & Construction

1 July 2015

End-to-end and fast rollout create substantial added value for Haldex

26 June 2015

Let your customer take the priority lane!

3 June 2015

Peab rolls out PipeChain to numerous construction projects

14 April 2015

Close to 100 global partners related to the automotive industry in Pip

28 January 2015

Training course ”EDI for supply chain collaboration in the automotive

17 December 2014

Three clear supply chain trends for 2015

16 December 2014

CTEK SWEDEN AB simplifies its EDI communication with PipeChain TCS™

11 December 2014

AB Rydéns i Gnosjö choose PipeChain’s cloud-based EDI service

27 November 2014

Telia to close ISDN Duo on December 31, 2014

12 November 2014

New version of the MMOG Logistics Evaluation tool

23 September 2014

Conclusion from the 124th EDIFICE Conference – Collaboration increasin

15 September 2014

Markslöjd moves its EDI communication to the cloud

19 June 2014

PipeChain TCS™ Invoicing – PipeChain’s connectivity cloud for 100% ele

17 June 2014

Untap hidden value from your business transaction flows – control your

4 June 2014

Successful customer day at Findus

27 May 2014

Are you supply chain-oriented when you follow-up on your own flows, an

21 May 2014

Support for older versions of TWIM is ending

28 April 2014

Odex not affected by the Heartbleed bug

25 March 2014

Meet PipeChain at the Logistics & ERP conference

21 March 2014

Automation, one of the keys to achieve “best practice”

13 March 2014

New version of PipeChain Software released!

10 March 2014

Axis Communications improves supply chain efficiency with PipeChain

17 December 2013

Developments in Supply Chain IT and logistics are at an exciting stage

29 November 2013

Understocked or overstocked – poor control over your supply chain?

21 November 2013

Create greater value by quickly updating order status in the supply ch

17 October 2013

PipeChain supplies EDI solution to recycling group

3 October 2013

Winding up TeliaSonera’s ISDN services.

13 September 2013

Provide EDI to your customers and suppliers who work in web portals

19 June 2013

Hur does WebEDI work?

14 June 2013

PipeChain launches standardized integration towards partners in the su

10 June 2013

Have you upgraded to Odex Enterprise 3 yet?

28 May 2013

Successful customer day at Höganäs

14 May 2013

Play our free online multiplayer beer game!

17 April 2013

See you at PipeChain’s customer day!

28 March 2013

Do you have old and expensive Integration Software?

26 March 2013

Meet PipeChain at The PLAN Conference 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden on Apr

25 March 2013

New solution for managing delivery forecasts

22 March 2013

EDI for the automotive cluster around the Czech Republic

21 March 2013

ODEX Enterprise 3 Released!

8 February 2013

PipeChain launches cloud-based EDI service

29 January 2013

PipeChain manages EDI throughout Europe for Haldex

28 January 2013

Simplified method for fast and scientific determination of safety time

10 January 2013

Meet us at the Supply Chain Strategy 2013 conference in Copenhagen

12 December 2012

PipeChain Software – next release version 4.9.3

10 December 2012

Spring conferences

14 November 2012

Updated website!

19 October 2012

Ekmans introduces new replenishment concepts and improved customer col

11 September 2012

Flexible and cost-effective – the right solution for FlexLink

10 September 2012

PipeChain Customer Conference taking a break this year

19 June 2012

Improved responsiveness to changing needs in the supply chain – Just n

15 June 2012

Make your customers more profitable with our support for ESAP20 packag

23 March 2012

Lack of order status creates delays and unnecessary costs in the suppl

12 March 2012

Full support for logistics-related EDI needs

31 January 2012

What does PipeChain do?

11 January 2012

Findus uses PipeChain to manage the trade-off between supply chain cos

30 September 2011

Lesjöfors invest in a new EDI gateway.

19 August 2011

Oticon A/S signs agreement with PipeChain

13 December 2010

PipeChain in Gartner SCM Software Vendor Guide