TCS™ Monitor – Free trial

7 December 2015

With TCS™ Monitor you simply log in to the web interface on your computer, smartphone or tablet and quickly get an overview. With just a few clicks you can search for specific files, transactions, times, communication partners, or just make sure everything is up and running.

Our Helpdesk work proactively in resolving any problems that might arise within TCS™. With TCS™ Monitor, we make sure that you can quickly and easily get a picture of the situation without having to contact us. Directing problem solving to that part of the chain where the problem is saves both time and money.

Get in touch with us and start your free month!

Dan Belleus
Regional Sales Manager TradeCom
Tel: +46 31 727 86 29

Daniel Tolergård
Sales & Business Development
Tel: +46 31 727 86 15

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