Automotive Industry

There is a long-established and standardized EDI process in the automotive industry that is common between automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and their direct suppliers (Tier 1). The challenge for the automotive industry is to establish a close collaboration with suppliers in several tiers of the supply chain. PipeChain's cloud-based solutions and flexible services allow the overall network to grow rapidly by opening up a wider connection of business partners end-to-end.

Our customers benefit from our great experience in the industry and get access to an established network of affiliated business partners within the automotive industry. By subscribing to the network they can reach the largest automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

TCS™, PipeChain’s cloud-based EDI service, supports all global information standards in the automotive industry, and integrates easily with most ERP systems. Delivery schedules are updated and spread to all suppliers who can in turn confirm and dispatch deliveries, administer transport and label the goods with the correct destination data for efficient goods receiving. In addition, PipeChain TCS™ offers the possibility to handle subcontractor flows digitally, via an automatic selection and routing service, enabling our customers to cut lead times further.

Upgrading to more of our services opens up new opportunities to focus on the entire supply chain covering visibility, collaboration and automation. An example of this is visibility, where sharing additional information enhances delivery capacity throughout the supply chain. Our Easy-In® methodology makes it easy to be connected to both customers and suppliers in the supply chain end-to-end.

We take care of all the monitoring and support related to our cloud services. You always pay a predictable and fixed monthly fee, according to the services used.


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