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Complete real-time control over transactions and order process status brings faster and more reliable supply and less capital tied up in stocks. Automating and visualizing the purchase order process eliminates manual errors and makes work more efficient. Read more
PipeChain View ® is a visualization tool that gives you an overview of your deliveries to both customers and from suppliers. In PipeChain you can view both customer demand, and how your stock and deliveries cover your needs. The information can be filtered in various ways to give you full control over transactions, processes and the flow of goods. Read more
Information sharing and integration puts the customer first. Higher service levels and lower capital tie-up is the result when we automate and visualize the sales process. One big bonus is less administration and fewer errors. Read more
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  • Exception based visibility may trigger the wrong actions and priorities

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  • The lack of visibility is one of the greatest obstacles in supply chains

    The lack of visibility is one of the greatest obstacles in supply chains and causes buffer stocks, low fill rates in transportation and low service levels. One reason is that, while ...