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Neutralize the threats before they become a threat

PipeChain’s key to success in building your business relationships is based on a high degree of connectivity and global reach through our extensive supply chain business network. As a client to us you’ll get access to some very efficient tools such as applications supporting early threat detection through proactivity, and at the same time opportunity detection for business growth. It’s a win-win!

5 times higher digitalization ratio than average market

Using PipeChain’s cloud-based Network platform makes it easy to digitally integrate your processes with all your critical business partners, ahead of your competitors.

100% process coverage secures availability

PipeChain Networks’ 100% process-supporting application suite pinpoints critical situations, securing your supply chain’s availability of goods.

What we do know

PipeChain is a knowledge-based digital business network for your automation, collaboration and cost efficient sales growth. Choosing PipeChain as your digitalization partner will help you release the great power that lies within your supply chain.


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Cut information lead time by half

Automate your global business flows using PipeChains’ Network service platform. This enables you to reduce unnecessary administrative hours and cutting information lead time by half.

Collaboration Network

Becoming part of PipeChains’ global Network community gives you digital access to business relationships in a collaborative and technological sense, in both Europe, Asia and USA.

Migration in just 3 months

If you’re dissatisfied with your current digitalization performance regarding customers and suppliers, we can migrate to PipeChains’ Network platform in just three months.

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