Digital potential

Companies fail in unlocking the full value and potential of becoming digital

1 March 2018

85% of companies have heavily invested in digital technologies, but very few have succeeded in achieving the expected growth value. The hardest part, where most companies fail, is unlocking the full value and potential of digital by taking a strategic and customer focused approach. To achieve this, three critical capabilities need to be developed: connectivity, intelligent analytics and automation.

  1. Connectivity
  2. Intelligent analytics
  3. Automation

Connectivity and seamless collaboration with all parties across the supply chain, both internally and externally, unlock end-to-end visibility. Connected companies have the ability, often in real time, to react, relate and communicate with other parties and involving them actively in planning initiatives.

Visibility and connectivity facilitate access to data. In a next step, data is turned into valuable information by leveraging analytics, cognitive equipment and smart apps to provide actionable insights that improve decision-making. In addition, connectivity and visibility enable companies to automate processes further.

A good read from Accenture!

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