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Your future supply chain is digitalized

Digitalizing your supply chain means strengthening your competitiveness. Say goodbye to time consuming manual document handling. You’re always updated and get full tracking of deliveries, invoices and deviations in real-time. This will improve your margins and make you more efficient. You’re prepared for new requirements and can catch environmental data digitally at the source. And at PipeChain, we are of course working according to the BEAst industry standard.

Less hassle, more time to plan and be proactive

Less administration and manual handling saves time, increases quality and reduces errors. Frees up time to be more proactive.

Sharing plans will improve efficiency

Better planning and forecasting by sharing plans with your suppliers digitally.

What we do know

The potential for digitalization of supply chain processes in the Building & Construction sector is huge. With the BEAst standards you have an excellent opportunity to transform to digital processes in accordance with established standards, and to take advantage of what has already been developed among the suppliers and customers in the sector.
PipeChain has more than 20 years of supply chain experience from several other industries, and has delivered solutions based on the BEAst standards since 2012.


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Get on top of deliveries and costs

You automatically link the order with the invoice, so you know that you pay exactly for what is executed. You get full control. Without manual work.

No more surprising costs!

Better planning leads to better resource execution. You pay exactly for what is executed. No more admin, no more unpleasant surprises. You are in control and up to date.

How to catch and collect environmental data

Be prepared to report ECO-data digitally

Why PipeChain?

  • We’ve combined our experience from other business sectors with the insights from working with the Building & Construction industry since 2012, to create our Digital Solutions
  • Solutions based on the BEAst standards
  • We support you with both supply chain experience and proven IT-solutions
  • We know how to build collaborative and predictable supply chains
  • ALL suppliers in the same system – nothing will ever fall between the cracks again
  • Warnings before problems arise = you can avert costly situations
  • Cloud-based software = everything is always up to date
  • More than 20 years SCM experience

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