The easiest way to reach PipeChain’s helpdesk is to send an e-mail to

When you report a new case, it is important that you attach accurate and relevant information so that the processing time can be kept as short as possible.

Please attach the following information with your report:

Name, e-mail address and phone number

  • Supplier’s name/id
  • Customer
  • Order number, type of error
  • Time when the error occurred
  • Printscreen of any error message

Our first line helpdesk will help you directly if the case is a simple one. More complex cases will be referred to the second or third line helpdesk. You will get feedback via email or phone while we work on your case as well as when the case is resolved.

If you have a serious issue, please call +46 31 727 86 10.

Remote Helpdesk

In order to assist you in the best way possible we may ask you to start a remote support session so that we can see your computer and you can show us the problem.

  1. Start TeamViewer – if you need you can automatically download TeamViewer by clicking link below
  2. Tell the technician you speak to your ID number and password

TeamViewer automatic download

Communication Certificates

PipeChain’s public certifictate for AS2 and OFTP2 communication. The same certificate is used both for TLS  and file encryption and signing.

PipeChain Certificate (ZIP)

PipeChain Certificate – Including Certificate Chain (ZIP)


Pipechans certificate is issued by ODETTE Secure