Full Inbound Control

Make use of your key competitive advantage

Your inbound supply chain represents a substantial part of your company’s value. By making it fully process data driven through us at Pipechain, it becomes a true key company asset for you.

Get ahead fast

Obtain a deviation focused purchase order process towards all your material suppliers within 3-6 months. PipeChain gives you full inbound control in short time. The package consists of purchase order processes, ROI calculations, roll-out project set-ups, ghost writings (instructions internally, externally) ensuring customer value within months, not years!

Reduce manual handling dramatically

No more time-consuming manual handling between you and your material suppliers. This will minimize both risk of error and production disturbances while enhancing speed of operations. Furthermore, instead of unreliable email communication you’ll have secured your information transfer.

What we do know

Your inbound supply chain is a key company asset and a competitive advantage. Stay ahead of competition and build substantial company value by fully digitalizing your inbound supply chain process. The PipeChain solution is based on a deviation centric purchase order process. This means you don’t worry about what works, but just focus on what doesn’t work. Through digitalization and collecting supply chain data from your process in full you also make yourself ready for future even more sophisticated automation.


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Reduce the risks of delays

By labeling your goods according to your directives makes your goods reception a matter of a label scan. You’ll avoid re-labeling and re-packing. This reduces the risk of over staffing your goods receptions at your sites and the risk of delays in goods availability.

Control ALL material from ALL material suppliers

Secure availability and reduce tied-up capital. If not, you risk over stock and to tie up capital that would work better elsewhere.

Use your supply chain data

Enhance your relation and performance towards individual suppliers based upon facts. Make yourself ready for AI/Machine learning over time through collecting data. This minimizes the risk of losing necessary insights for your full supply chain long term, equal to that you risk your competitive advantage.

Why PipeChain?

Builds company value

  • A fully digitalized and automated supply chain makes lead times predictable and minimizes supply risk and therefore builds company value


Competitive advantage

  • The supply chain is a vital part of your competitive advantage – make it work well!


Supply chain data is a key company asset

  • In daily management
  • In tactical/strategical analysis
  • In future supply chains including AI/ML
  • Make sure to collect supply chain data from all around your supply chain

Supply chain analytics

  • From the same data source (you / your supplier)
  • Micro analysis, e.g. per supplier
  • Macro analyzis, e.g. related to supplier type / article range or category purchase region (Europe, Asia, USA etc)


Supply Chain Control Tower

  • With deviation Way of Working covering all suppliers
  • Increased ”Time to Act” in deviation
  • Decreased extraordinary costs
  • Increased supplier contract compliance across ALL suppliers = Decreased cost of goods
  • Supplier size and / or order values is not necessarily a measure of how important the goods are for you
  • Establishing information security in your ERP independent of supplier (beneficial for Finance, Operational purchase, Goods reception and Production planning)

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Operational efficiency / operational security

  • Less vulnerable as manual handling and dependency upon specific persons set to a minimum
  • Purchase order process to include micro requirements (e.g. how to structure invoice components, if / how an order can be changed and by whom etc.)
  • ALL suppliers in the same system – nothing will ever fall between the cracks again
  • Warnings before problems arise = you can avert costly situations
  • Cloud-based software = everything is always up to date
  • More than 20 years SCM experience

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