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How to Control Your Construction Business

22 October 2017

The construction industry has been lagging behind in terms of efficiency and automation for a long time. The main reason is that it is a conservative industry, which historically has had a limited focus on logistics and digitalization. However, with a great need for environmental work and resource management, and employees with a high level of digital maturity, a lot is changing. Well-functioning logistics and cost control are crucial for a cost-effective construction, and for your company to maintain its competitiveness.

Today, you can get full control over your entire supply chain, from planning to payment. You can connect all the critical suppliers, customers, and partners you work with, if you choose the right collaboration partner to help you do the job.

Cost control
Monitor all costs in the project, and check that the prices correspond with those given in the agreement, right down to the item level. When you digitally plan and control your activities and orders, you will be able to successively reduce the costs of your construction projects.

More efficient logistics
Many projects take place in many different locations with many suppliers involved. It is crucial that deliveries between them are made in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. PipeChain helps you to increase your possibility of achieving this, while you can efficiently manage deviations, if any.

Information sharing through connectivity
By connecting all players in the project and providing them with the possibility of seeing each other’s order status and activities, you can also increase the information exchange between them, and in this way, reduce the risk of errors or stops in the production.

Your collaboration partner should enable you to simultaneously make your supply chain completely digital. This creates great benefits with respect to the management and electronic distribution of documents in the workplaces. A history is also created thus enabling you to easily analyze previous agreements and projects, if required.

Continuous improvement
The above benefits create the conditions for you as a company to continuously improve your business.  You should use a system enabling you to see statistics and key performance indicators that show the steps that need to be streamlined for the next project. This results in a continuous improvement process, which constantly increases your competitiveness over other companies in the industry.

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