Supply Chain Collaboration

Create demand driven Supply Chains!

With PipeChain VMI you can build predictable collaborative supply chain processes with customers and/or suppliers, where you share data, agree on process rules and act on deviations. Our Traffic Light Approach means easy real-time monitoring where you act on alerts and manage by exception. This enables you to plan and deliver towards REAL demand and hence avoiding the bull whip effect. In a nutshell: You focus solely on critical supply chain issues – and PipeChain VMI takes care of the rest.

With VMI products are available when needed

The right things in the right place at the right time. No more missing goods.

Lower your costs and tied up capital

Secure availability and reduce tied-up capital. No more risk of over stock or tying up capital that would work better elsewhere.

What we do know

PipeChain has performed VMI-projects and delivered VMI-solutions for more than 20 years. We will help you pinpoint where VMI is most suitable and profitable, no matter if you see it as a way to better serve your key customers or if you see it as an interesting process option towards suppliers, maybe as a part of your Full Inbound concept.


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You don’t order water

Think outside the box. There are other supply chains where customers are served without ordering anything, just signing a contract. In VMI the supplier delivers towards real demand and process and information sharing is in sync at customer and supplier. No double work and no ordering by the customer, but full transparency.

Decisions based on the full picture

When you have information about the full supply chain picture, you will see potential problems early and you can distinguish between cause and effect.

Lower your transportation costs

With better information and more flexible planning mainly performed by the supplier you can gain better fill rate and less express deliveries. This gives you better results both financially and environmentally.

Why PipeChain?

  • We know how to build collaborative and predictable supply chains
  • PipeChain VMI process truly achieves demand driven supply chains
  • We’ve delivered successful VMI projects for more than 20 years
  • We support through supply chain experience and proven IT-solutions
  • PipeChain is a proven VMI-solution
  • We guide you how to offer VMI as an add-on service differentiator towards your key customers
  • We guide you how to use VMI as an option in your Full Inbound concept
  • ALL suppliers in the same system – nothing will ever fall between the cracks again
  • Warnings before problems arise = you can avert costly situations
  • Cloud-based software = everything is always up to date
  • More than 20 years SCM experience

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