Digitalization of supply chains

Today, top management teams are talking about digitalization of supply chains end-to-end, using old as well as new technology and methodology like Internet of Things (IoT), big data technology and industry/process standardization and automation. It’s to a large extent about a skill shift, again, and this time from innovation economy to digitalization. For companies ahead of the curve, a huge advantage can be realized when you get it right.

To be able to make the skill shift, you need to skill up. We will see more automated supply chain processes and hence more automated event and risk management. The human eye needs to focus on judging how to deal with exceptions and how to improve to become more competitive,

Roll-out is key and technology must support easy access, standardized systems integration, and maximum connectivity. We’re moving in the direction from human judgement to machine intelligence, but to access and share information we need to integrate IT systems.

Today’s market maturity and the supporting technologies enable the capturing of true demand and efficient sharing of order and delivery status throughout the supply chain. And since the bullwhip effect still prevails, true demand instead of today’s guesswork will provide companies with substantial benefits when acting upon it.

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