Automation, one of the keys to achieve “best practice”

21 March 2014

They describe that one of the key factors for efficient warehouse management is order management automation. Mattsson and Jonsson describes that purchasers often spend just as much time on strategically important, as less strategically important products. By increasing the focus on the products that have greater impact on profit and then automate purchasing of the rest of the articles, better overall results will be achieved.

According to the authors’ the report  "… for a questionnaire study on how Swedish manufacturing and distribution companies designed their warehouse management system, on which methods […] are used, how they are used , how well they are perceived to function and what circumstances that make them work better or worse. The analysis is based on 293 responses from companies with more than 50 employees." The report is distributed through the logistics network Plan.

Pipe Chain provides both tools for global order management automation and visibility, so that both more and less strategic products can be handled efficiently. Please contact us for more information on how we can help your business get more efficient inventory management.

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