CTEK SWEDEN AB simplifies its EDI communication with PipeChain TCS™

16 December 2014

CTEK has developed a patented successful battery charger and is the OEM supplier to many of the world's most prestigious car and motorcycle manufacturers.

The solution consists of PipeChain’s TCS ™ cloud service for integration, communication and converting messages to and from CTEK’s customers.

TCS ™ is a monthly fee-based EDI service for electronic control of all CTEK's EDI messages to customers and dealers. This means that PipeChain takes care of communications with CTEK's customers and convert EDI messages to and from CTEK's customers, integrating the flow to CTEK’s Pyramid ERP system.

With  TCS ™, CTEK can grow as future needs change, and effectively develop its logistics and flow processes, both externally and internally.

CTEK SWEDEN AB develops and manufactures battery chargers for all types of lead-acid batteries for both private and professional use. CTEK has developed several innovative, patented, high-tech features and characteristics that make CTEK battery chargers and accessories unique.

CTEK offers high quality, reliable chargers and accessories that are efficient, user friendly and above all, safe (for the user, vehicle electronics, the battery and charger).

For more information please contact Daniel TolergÄrd on +46 (0) 31-727 86 15 or

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