Ekmans introduces new replenishment concepts and improved customer col

19 October 2012

With the implemented solution and process change, Ekmans can make its customers supply chain truly demand driven. The solution contains a VMI tool and a closer collaboration/relationship ingredient. The customer are getting Just-In-Time deliveries but is also monitored much more carefully than was ever possible before.

“It is really a fantastic journey. Focusing on 100 percent service level and smoothen out, and decrease, run-out time in the whole supply chain is doing the trick” says Eric Liljegren, Supply Chain Manager at Ekmans. “Furthermore, we at Ekmans can plan production much closer to when it will be used in the customers production and therefore prioritize better and utilize the resources for products that are really needed. The major take away is that the continues process improvement is done in collaboration with our customers which positively affects business on both sides. Ekmans have focused hard on these supply chain opportunities which has led to our new offering – Supply You”.

As an effect of this process change, tied up capital is reduced in the whole chain and not only shifted between parties even though the most relative reduction in the pilot is on the customer side. PipeChain senior consultancy services are supporting Ekmans in their process change when establishing the VMI collaboration as well as implementing the solution.

PipeChain VMI is one of the key building blocks of Ekman's new service offering towards their customers called "Supply You" which will be launched at the packaging conference Scanpack in Göteborg Oct 23-26 2012. Visit Ekmans stand at the conference to hear more about their service and product offering!

For more information, contact Andreas Gustafsson, Manager Nordic Sales, +46 46 329033 or

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