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Global Tier 1 Company signed up to PipeChain’s Multi-Enterprise Automotive Network

11 February 2021

Today we announce that a global leading system supplier to the Automotive Industry has been contracted. Initially, the Customer will connect to 11 global OEM’s, manufacturing passenger cars as well as trucks, and a dozen global Tier 2 suppliers, through PipeChain’s digital Automotive Network. The aim of the contract is to speed up the Customer’s digitalization further, covering more OEM’s and suppliers.

The new PipeChain Customer, which name will be disclosed when the migration from their current solution provider is finalized mid-2021, is supplying their world leading brands to OEM’s global passenger car and truck model programs.  For the Customer, the challenge is to ensure full automation of critical business transactions, but also digitalization of add-on processes for flow control end-to-end in their supply chain. PipeChain’s multi-enterprise automotive network makes it easy to digitally integrate these processes with more business-critical partners, which in turn gives the Customer an opportunity to continue to strengthen its business relationships and increase sales.

In addition, a wider spread of the Customers digital handling of delivery schedules, call-offs, deliveries, and invoices end-to-end, will significantly cut administrative hours and information lead time further. This will help the Customer drive higher margins, improve service, and automate replenishment with greater precision and less effort.

Learn more about the Automotive Network.

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