Have you upgraded to Odex Enterprise 3 yet?

10 June 2013

ODEX Enterprise 3 that was launched a couple of months ago is based on your feedback and brings many of the new features you’ve been asking for. We’ve focused on improving your visibility and auditability of file transfers and data processing, something that we know many mid-size and larger organisations need for various compliance reasons.

We’ve also made it easier to use, with wizards to help guide you through common tasks and improved search to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.

New features in ODEX Enterprise 3

Improved Visibility

*Improved audit trail – gain greater visibility of your processes and audit trail by adding your own comments and descriptions to workflow steps

Easier to Use

*Task based wizards – help guide you through and speed up the setup of new connections

*Workflow copy – reduce the time to deploy workflows between development and production instances with workflow copy

More Integration

*Custom file formats – send, route and process ANY kind of structured file format such as EDI, XML, CSV, etc

Greater Control

*New ways to process your data – compress/decompress files, bundle files together and change the contents of a file

Better Infrastructure Support

*SQL Server 2012 database support – improved performance and stability

*Email failover – never miss a system alert again just because your primary email server is down

*Controlled server start up and shutdown – Control the functionality available on start up of the ODEX Enterprise server and shut down the server in a controlled manner.

*Communications session tracking – Track session information from the ODEX Workstation.

Contact us for more information on how to upgrade to Odex Enterprise 3.

Daniel TolergÄrd
Tel: +46 31 7278615

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