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19 June 2012

By looking at other industries and benefitting from our own experience, we want to try an alternative way to quickly share undistorted information and therefore reach a larger portion of the chain more quickly than is possible today. It should be seen as a warning system, or a shortcut to the high levels and changes of direction in the medium to long term, particularly for critical flows. The legal supply chain continues to live with delivery schedules and traditional orders.

What is the result when information is shared more quickly and a certain logic helps us interpret what is happening? Can suppliers in the third and fourth link receive information several weeks earlier than today? There are many indications that this is the case and we want to find out if this is true. What can you gain from this parallel approach that does not involve any process changes? Probably a life with lower risk, but probably a lot more than that. Using smart signal buoys, we hope to find out if we can prevent a logistical tsunami but what the result is remains to be seen.

Some of the companies participating in the project are Volvo Cars, Höganäs, Bulten, Autoliv, Kongsberg Automotive, IAC Group, Gestamp Hardtech. PipeChain acts as the catalyst in the project.

For more information on this project within NAF Odette Sweden, contact:

Sten Lindgren, Odette Sweden,, +46 8 700 41 20

Anders Filmersson, PipeChain,, +46 46 329 030

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