Inbound Supply Chain Process at ikea industry with pipechain and movex/m3

31 March 2021

When: 14th of April,10:00-11:00

Where: Teams meeting hosted by Movex/M3

Language: Swedish

Movex/M3 is once again inviting you to a webinar where we delve deeper into inbound supply chain processes. This time, PipeChain is joined with IKEA Industry.

Together we will go through how IKEA Industry have chosen to integrate M3 with PipeChains’ SaaS-based solution: Full Inbound Control.

At this webinar IKEA Industry will discuss how transport booking, transport status handling and transport related deviations became an integrated and data-driven part of their purchase order process.

Joining from IKEA Industry is Gustaf Lilja and Ann Loftorp, responsible for process, method and tools. From PipeChain joins Roland Jansson and Jonatan Manna, out foremost full inbound professionals.



Note: You must be a registered Movex/M3 member to access. Register to MAF here


Movex User Association, MAF, is an independent and active user group for companies that use the business system M3 (Movex ). The association has about 500 member companies, bringing together Movex users in Sweden, for the advancement of knowledge and experience in order to develop member companies’​ use of M3 (Movex), products and services. The association also act as catalysts for the development of the Movex product and the related services.

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