Information about preventive actions concerning the Covid-19 situation

3 March 2020

Dear customers,

Given the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19) we want to give you a status on the measures PipeChain has taken to avoid the spread of the virus as well securing full operation of our services.

We act in accordance with the authorities’ recommendations and guidelines and hence all employees and consultants, when relevant, are working remotely. We adjust our plans and internal actions and recommendations, as new information becomes available. The ability to work remotely is a normal way of working at PipeChain and it will not disrupt business continuity. Already today, we are also running our business from several different geographical locations. In addition, we have further sharpened the automatic 24/7 monitoring of our services’ availability, including third party services.

Naturally, we are running meetings via Teams and other online meeting tools. We consider physical meetings only if they are critical for keeping our services running. Physical meetings are exceptions and are handled with caution when it comes to preventive actions related to Covid-19.

If you have any questions you can reach out to your ordinary contacts at PipeChain.

As things are developing so far, I am confident that we will continue to offer our normal service availability.

Stay safe and keep the wheels running,

Hans Berggren, CEO

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