Make your customers more profitable with our support for ESAP20 packag

15 June 2012

Retail companies in Sweden and Europe are are putting increasing pressure on suppliers regarding electronic business communication – EDI – and traceability. In addition to traceability, companies demand electronic communications related to the labelling of goods. As suppliers to the food retail market you should choose a partner who will help you meet all current and future requirements in these areas.

Here are a few examples of our expertise areas:

*Unique support for goods labelling and electronic notification – even in package hierarchies with two levels

*Increased traceability of deliveries

*Full support for EDI according to retail requirements (ESAP 20), in wholesale and retail flows. It provides many benefits such as improved purchasing, ordering, inventory and accounts payable. It also provides traceability and more efficient administration

If your ERP system can manage goods labelling we will help you with setting up electronic messages according to your customers’ requirements. If your system doesn’t manage goods labelling we offer support for integrating it with your ERP system.

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