Markslöjd moves its EDI communication to the cloud

15 September 2014

Photo: Markslöjd

TCS™ gives Markslöjd the ability to centrally manage the integration and communication of business transactions in an efficient way. As part of the service, PipeChain also manages all monitoring and support related to business transactions.

Once the project is completed, Markslöjd will be able to communicate with more than 20 customers via TCS™.

Markslöjd Lighting Group is one of Northern Europe's leading lighting companies and is represented in a variety of countries worldwide.

Markslöjd has been doing business since 1963. The Swedish name demonstrate how the company started producing handicraft items before the lighting business took over completely. At the beginning the company produced wooden feet for lamps, and textile lampshades. Everything was produced in the municipality of Mark in western Sweden.

Markslöjd’s head office and central warehouse are still in the heart of the "Textile Kingdom”,  while most of the production takes place in the Far East.

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