New version of PipeChain Software released!

13 March 2014

New screens in Web Client (web portals)

There are now more screens available for Web Client users where we link the entire chain from supplier to customer. Screens containing performance indicators previously available only for “web suppliers” are now also available for “web customers”.  We have also created a Forecast Accuracy Order Report which is a report screen of information previously only found in Management Dashboard (or the analyzer) which now also have a higher degree of filtering options.

As example, WebShop users (customers) are now able to access features where it is possible to view product descriptions. Previously only Product id and Product name were showed.

As always, there are many enhancements and you can find the complete release notes under the Customer login pages at

New screen –  Forecast Accuracy Order Report

The possibility to understand both if we are under -or over forecasting against orders, and also if the absolute forecast accuracy have been successful. It is now no longer only shown graphically. It can also be filtered out in the new Forecast Accuracy Order Report. The graph in the report is similar to the one in the dashboard.

Two accuracy measures provide better knowledge. For example an average of 0 % percent forecast bias cannot hide a problem because the forecast accuracy as such is shown poor and vice versa.

This is the first built-in report screen that aims to offer analysis in far greater detail than in the Dashboard without having to go to the PipeChain Analyzer. This report shows the Forecast Accuracy Order KPI with daily/week resolution and it is possible to filter and group in different ways. For example, one site totally per week or group by group or product by product. From highest possible aggregation down to lowest product variant. Naturally can use the report in different time offset and both weekly and daily time buckets. For example “what did we say 4 weeks ago about this week” or “what did we say yesterday about today” etc?

The screen is available for both inbound and outbound side (and desktop + web clients). Inbound answers the questions how well you perform with your forecasts (or delivery schedules) towards your suppliers. Outbound tells you how well your customers forecasts correspond to the traditional orders you later got.

Desktop client

Web client

Management Dashboard screen is now available in Web Customer Interface

Management Dashboard is now available for the Web customer as it is in the PipeChain desktop client and supplier web client users. You will find the Management Dashboard in the Overview menu in the web client.

Management dashboard in Web Customer Interface

These enhancements are in line with PipeChain strategy, to improve supply chain collaboration among business partners by automation and sharing of information, and will improve your possibilities to have a constructive dialog with your partners using shared performance indicators.

New use cases where web suppliers deal with more than one customer (sites)

Web Users working with more than one customer site could in the past select "All" in the text box but will now select “All Customers” in a dropdown.

An example is in the new enhanced Forecast Delivery Period Overview where “all customers” will show a Grand Total for all its customers. This will help the suppliers to understand their own production demand irrespectively of which customer it will go to.

The new enhanced Forecast Delivery Period Overview

Exception management in the suppliers forecast handling

The screen Forecast Delivery Period Overview has been extended with color coding of periods indicating if demand is higher or lower compared to previous forecast. This is also known from other screens.

Color coding in the screen Forecast Delivery Period Overview

Another new features is that it is possible to convey a simple remark for a certain period. This is visible through a tooltip and users can see this with a red border around the period.

The new date field “Last Adjusted” will show when the forecast was actually adjusted last time. E.g. a forecast file can be sent every day (Forecast Date) but it may not have been adjusted for a period of time (Last Adjusted).

Version 4.9.5 is available as of now. Talk with your PipeChain contact to hear more about how a version upgrade will positively impact your business.

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