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PipeChain extends its cloud-based Multi-Enterprise Retail Network with new customers

12 January 2021

LUND – January 12, 2021 – PipeChain Group AB (“PipeChain”), cloud-based Multi-Enterprise Network software for Automotive & Retail industry and Collaborative Planning & Replenishment software for global supply chains, helping companies and their supply chains reach their full potential, today announced that 7 additional retail customers have been contracted and added to PipeChain’s digital Retail network. The customers are active in retail food (fresh and frozen), energy drinks, hand-sanitization products, and computer games. For these customers, PipeChain provides access to trading partners in Swedish retail industry, like ICA, Axfood, Coop, and Bergendahls, Danish Dagrofa, digital marketplaces like Amazon as well as a substantial number of suppliers to these 7 contracted customers.


The purpose of these customers’ connection to PipeChain’s retail network, is to digitalize the order-to-invoice process with full automation of business transactions, but also digitalization of add-on processes for labelling and flow control. For the customers, PipeChain’s multi-enterprise retail network makes it easy to digitally integrate these processes with all critical business partners, which in turn give the customers an opportunity to strengthen their business relationships and increase sales. Further on, unnecessary administrative hours and information lead time will be significantly cut.

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It’s a beautiful thing to see – We see improvement. We see opportunities for you to get ahead of the competition. We see ways of unlocking and unleashing your company’s hidden potential. We see progress.  We see all that wonderful power hidden within your processes. By using our knowledge-based collaborative software, you will identify and release all that unused, unseen, unbelievable power of yours. We’ve been doing this for over twenty years and today we work with several different industries. This gives us invaluable knowledge and experience that we reinvest in our colleagues, in better and smarter software and, of course, in our clients. As you get better, we get better. Welcome to PipeChain. It’s time to release the power.


Media Contact:

Hans Berggren, CEO
PipeChain Group AB

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