PipeChain launches cloud-based EDI service

8 February 2013

PipeChain´s integration services offer a portfolio of products and services for EDI, business integration, communication and logistics processes to deliver the best possible solution for the fastest rollout. Companies can start small and add functionality as your needs change.

“With the launch of PipeChain’s cloud-based EDI service, companies can build up an efficient way of centrally managing integration and communication as a cloud-based service during the critical roll-out phase, without locking themselves in forever” says Hans Berggren, CEO at PipeChain. “As part of the service, PipeChain manages all business transactions’ related monitoring and support services”.

The new cloud-based service is built on integration technology from our partner Inobiz ( and communication technology from our partner Data Interchange (

Regardless of how you run PipeChain’s services, you pay a fixed monthly fee in relation to the parts you use.

For more information please contact:

Hans Berggren, CEO PipeChain, +46-46 329005 or

Ulf Kjellberg, CEO Inobiz, +46 704 152507 or

Lasse Heikura, CEO Data Interchange Scandinavia, +46 70 723 87 33 or

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