PipeChain launches standardized integration towards partners in the su

14 June 2013

Many of PipeChain’s customers use PipeChain’s web portals towards suppliers (WebEDI) and customers (B2B Web Shop) to automate traditional order processes, Kanban, delivery schedules and VMI processes.

Web portals mean that your partners in the supply chain are working manually in two systems (portal and their own ERP system), leading to higher administration, the risk of manual errors and sometimes longer information lead-times.

PipeChain already offers the possibility to integrate messages electronically with partners in the supply chain, but these have been adapted to PipeChain customer unique processes.

Now Pipe Chain is launching integration adapters for all modules in PipeChain's platform (VMI inbound / outbound, WebEDI, Web Shop etc), based on PipeChain’s standard processes. These adapters manage EDIFACT D96A, CSV and XML formats, and enable your business partners to integrate with you using predefined integration specifications. You can use different communication protocols (FTP, OFTP, OFTP2, AS2, etc.) with PipeChain’s service (SaaS).

If you are interested in providing EDI integrations towards your business partners, as an option to web portals, please contact us for more information.

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