PipeChain Software – next release version 4.9.3

12 December 2012

For VMI collaboration (Vendor Managed Inventory), customer and supplier web accessed “dashboards” are planned improvements. The dashboard will be a partner version of the existing dashboard in the PipeChain client, including KPI’s such as service level, forecast accuracy and coverage time.

For traditional order processes towards suppliers, the WebEDI interfaces will be improved with additional and more dynamic KPI’s for delivery precision and forecast accuracy (for those of you sharing your forecast with your suppliers). These key performance indicators will be built-in to the dashboard in the PipeChain desktop client as well, which will give you the full picture of current inbound status, not only for VMI suppliers but also for traditional order flows with connected suppliers.

These enhancements are in line with PipeChain strategy, to improve supply chain collaboration among business partners by automation and sharing of information, and will improve your possibilities to have a constructive dialog with your partners using shared performance indicators. For a superior continuous improvement process in your supply chain, please give your PipeChain contact a call and we can help you out.

Version 4.9.3 is planned to be released spring 2013. Talk with your PipeChain contact to hear more about how a version upgrade will positively impact your business.

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