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19 June 2014

It all started with challenging integration work, requiring sophisticated customization, to handle large customers like Volvo (automotive), Ericsson (telecom) and Skanska (construction) and their requirements. After a roll-out of these kind of big customers and several medium sized customers, as well as an internal roll-out within a group of companies, the partnership with our customer was extended.

The extended partnership took on the large volume of smaller customers using industry standards, e.g. Svefaktura and Peppol, and a standardized invoicing portal service reaching all the other standard portals available in the market.

The benefits are substantial, both in terms of increased sales opportunities and lower cost to serve all customers according to their invoice process requirements.

PipeChain TCS™ handles more than invoice processes. We can be your cloud based “pipe” for the full order-to-invoice process, covering forecasts, delivery schedules, Just-in-time messages, order responses, dispatch advices/advanced shipping notifications, stock value transactions, transportation and custom transactions, and more. Of course, it doesn’t matter if your needs are related to customers or suppliers. We do both.

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