Three clear supply chain trends for 2015

17 December 2014

A key  to achieving improvements through better collaboration with your trading partners is a common view and understanding of which challenges you are facing, a common interest in addressing these challenges, a mutual trust in each other, and a focus on the fact that people are the key bridge to successful collaboration.

You need to address these aspects as you invest in supply chain enablers such as technology, information, and measurement systems. However, the trend is on your side.

Mobility and real-time connected businesses, collaboration and transportation will probably be key focus for supply chain projects in 2015. Three clear supply chain trends for 2015 are:

1. A growing demand for Mobility and real-time connected businesses. In addition, the data derived from mobile devices and connected businesses provides a feed for predictive analytics (part of the Big Data trend).

2. Increased focus on Collaboration, and collaborative tools that allow more accurate planning and sharing of information, along with the ability to adhere to standard procedures.  This increases supply chain efficiency, drives down costs and increases compliance as well as better responsiveness throughout supply chains.

3. Mobility, connected businesses and collaboration are closely related to the transportation needs of today’s organizations, which have multiple partners and business entities, and operate across large geographies over long timescales. Increasing the efficiency of the supply chain, as well as visibility throughout the process, can significantly reduce transport-related costs throughout supply chains.

In addition, the core priorities of cost efficiency, agility and shorter lead times are occupying the minds of supply chain heads like never before. But also new phenomena like Social Media will further impact business model innovation. This consumer purchasing style is not only having an impact on brand-oriented supply chains, but is transforming traditional B2B to B2B2C models.

Give these trends a thought during the Christmas and New Year holidays, and do not hesitate to give your PipeChain contact a call early next year to discuss. We are currently investing in both Mobility and Transportation add-on features to our software suite, to be able to support you even better the coming years.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Hans Berggren, CEO PipeChain

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